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Capacity & Skills Gap Analysis for Ghana’s Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) and Energy Commission (EC)

VIS has been awarded a short TA by NARUC (assignment funded by USAID) to execute a gap analysis of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority of Ghana (PURC) and the Energy Commission of Ghana (EC). The overarching objective, which is partly served by VIS' assignment, is to enhance the capacity of both the PURC and EC based on a skills gap analysis and needs assessment, focusing on regulatory strengthening at the commissioner and key staff levels. The project required extensive on-site information gathering and quantitative data collection prior to the analysis and subsequent assessment of existing capacities & skills and the way forward.

Development and Implementation of Cabo Verde’s Energy Information Management System

VIS along with DRAXIS S.A have been awarded the important and challenging assignment of developing an Energy Information Management System (EIMS). The EIMS is intended to provide data to support evidence-based policy formulation and decision making to accomplish the goals of the National Program for Sustainable Energy. The EIMS will also act as a catalyst for improvements in productivity, efficiency and communication between the country’s energy sector stakeholders.

Athens Resilient City: Climate Mitigation

VIS has been chosen as the lead subcontractor by EQO-NIXUS in providing technical assistance as part of EIB’s Urban Investment Support Programme (URBIS), to the Municipality of Athens to improve the Energy Efficiency (EE) and the resilience to earthquakes of public buildings, in line with the objectives of the Athens Municipality Integrated Territorial Investment Plan (ITI) and the Resilience Strategy and in line with Urban Agenda for the EU.

Estimating the Effects of the Development of the Oil and Gas Sector on Growth and Jobs in Ghana (2015–30): A Modelling and Value Chain Analysis

VIS is proud for its pivotal contribution to the successful completion of a complex and challenging project where both value chain analysis and macroeconomic modelling where employed. We estimated the effects the recent oil and gas discoveries had in Ghana in terms of value chain development, economic growth and job creation.

VIS awarded a new IFC study on electricity distribution systems

VIS along with E3 modelling have been awarded the contract for an IFC study to support the organization in evaluating its investments in the electricity distribution sector and their potential microeconomic (utility level) and macroeconomic (nationwide GDP, employment, and GHG emissions) impact.

Cost-Benefit Analysis study for phase 1 of the Midcat gas pipeline project (STEP) published by EC

VIS as part of a Pöyry Management Consulting led consortium completed a Project Specific CBA (PS-CBA) in line with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) methodology, for phase 1 of the Midcat gas pipeline project in the Eastern Pyrenees – the South Transit Eastern Pyrenees (STEP).

VIS along with Grant Thornton and REF-E in ACER Framework Contract

VIS, in consortium with Grant Thornton and REF-E became contractor in the ACER Framework Contract “for the provision of legal and economic assistance in the field of energy regulation for the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators” – Lot 2: Economic assistance in the field of energy regulation

Technical assistance to the administration for reserves of energy-generating products concerning the optimal management of mandatory oil stocks, Republic of Serbia

VIS along with Ramboll and Asprofos have been awarded a EuropeAid(15SER01/01/13) Technical Assistance project to support the Republic of Serbia to comply with EU Acquis in relation to the establishment and optimal management of an emergency stockholding system for reserves of oil and/ or oil derivatives (Directive 2009/119/EC).

VIS developed a benchmarking tool for ESCOM in Malawi

VIS as part of a TetraTech led consortium, delivered a series of workshops to ESCOM and EGENCO executives in Blantyre, Malawi on performance metrics and KPI-design for electricity utilities governance structure with as a follow up session on a tool developed by VIS to benchmark & monitor progress concerning ESCOM’s corporate governance practices.

VIS shortlisted in major Europeaid tender for unbundling of Naftogaz transmission in Ukraine

VIS in consortium with Ernst & Young has been shortlisted by the EC in the tender "Development of a Target Operating Model for Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator" (EuropeAid/138641/DH/SER/UA)