Vis Consultants


Market Reform

Review and assessment of market design options

Harmonisation with EC Acquis and best market practices

Drafting Action plans for implementation of reforms

Designing Institutional reforms

Developing contractual arrangements and mechanisms for implementation of market reforms

Supporting companies’ transformation to new market structures

Managing stakeholder consultations


Design of regulatory regimes and drafting of market rules and regulations

Developing strategies for regulated companies to comply with regulatory requirements

Supporting regulated companies with formulation of pricing, quality of service proposals and other submissions to regulatory agencies

Assessing and developing regulatory incentive schemes


Revenue Requirement estimation, Cost Allocation, and Tariff Design for regulated markets

Development of Pricing Rules and Regulations

Support for reviews of regulated companies tariff proposals

Modelling and calculation of tariffs

Cost efficient pricing development for non-regulated markets

Socio-economic impact analysis of price reforms and mitigation measures

Investment Appraisal

Investment reviews and evaluations

Feasibility studies

Financial analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis

Socio-economic impact analysis

Assessment of financing options

PPP structuring and concessionary tender support

Preparation of applications for project financing (grants, loans etc.)

Policy Development & Implementation

Review and assessment of policies

Policy formulation

Formulation of national and regional action plans and measures

Design of institutional structures, monitoring and support mechanisms for policy implementation

Capacity building support to state owned authorities and institutions

Business Performance Improvement

Market analysis, positioning and Strategy development

Business planning

Financial analysis and modelling

Operational reviews and risk assessments

KPIs design and Benchmarking

Organisation and process redesign

Design and implementation of Governance frameworks