Vis Consultants

New 5-year project in Central Asia

VIS is happy to announce that as part of the Tetra Tech-led effort it will contribute to the newly-awarded, multi-year USAID Power Central Asia Program. The program covers a range of energy sector areas, from market liberalization reforms to planning and scaling up of renewable energy penetration in the region, to regional market development and capacity building. The program involves support to the five Central Asian countries – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – with the aim to promote energy sector modernization and regional cooperation as catalysts for growth.

VIS will be available to support a number of different activities, leveraging its experience, such as:

  • Electricity market rules design
  • Transmission code development
  • Energy systems planning
  • Network development planning including RES penetration strategies
  • Cost-benefit analysis and investment planning
  • Corporatization & utility governance
  • Investment appraisal of electricity & natural gas infrastructure
  • Regulatory commission organization