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Consultancy services to develop and implement Cabo Verde’s energy information management system (LuxDev)

The main objective of the project is the design and development of an Energy Information Management System (EIMS) for Cabo Verde. The EIMS is intended to provide data to support evidence-based policy formulation and decision making to accomplish the goals of the National Program for Sustainable Energy. The EIMS will also act as a catalyst for improvements in productivity, efficiency and communication between the country’s energy sector stakeholders.
Cabo Verde

Framework service contract for legal, economic and technical assistance in the fields of energy, mobility and transport – Lot 3 (DG-Energy)

VIS is leading a consortium comprising 8 companies (VIS, NTUA, KOMIS, d'Appolonia, MWH, decon, CENER, LEI) that is participating in the EC Framework Contract that is providing technical assistance in the field of energy, across the EU-28 Member States.

Technical expertise to assess the prospects of LNG markets in the Eastern Partnership countries (Stantec/EuropeAid)

VIS has been commissioned by Stantec to support a study in assessing and developing the potential of LNG in Eastern Parnership (EaP) countries. The objectives of this study are to: i) assess the current gas market structure and LNG prospects in each EaP country, ii) define the objectives and draft recommendations on the potential of LNG for each country and the EaP as a whole, iii) identify necessary actions for future regional cooperation between EaP countries, iv) promote EU’s principles concerning the functioning of gas markets and its approach to LNG.
Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries

A detailed market study on Electricity & Water infrastructure developments costing framework & methodology including a review of connection charges (Tetra Tech/ADDC)

VIS has been contracted by Tetra Tech to support a study for ADDC (Abu Dhabi Distribution Company) in two main areas. First, by bringing international practices in relation to distribution network infrastructure development models. Second, by benchmarking, in multiple dimensions, the local connection arrangement practices for electricity & water to practices from distribution utilities from Europe and Asia.

Technical Assistance to the Kenya Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to develop an open access market framework and rule (NARUC/USAID)

The project’s objective is to support ERC towards the development of an open access market framework by drafting an Open Access Market Rule and Framework specific to the Kenyan context, to further the development of competition in Kenya’s electricity sector. The Open Access Framework will outline key components, well as principles, rules, and mechanisms for operating in an open access system. The Draft Rule will serve as the main regulatory tool for establishing an open access framework and will provide clear guidelines on the rights and responsibilities of all parties, including the tariff determination process, reporting requirements, enforcement measures, and mechanisms for dispute resolution.

Capacity & skills gap analysis for Ghana’s Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) and Energy Commission (EC) (NARUC/MCC)

VIS has been awarded a short TA by NARUC to execute a gap analysis of the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority of Ghana (PURC) and the Energy Commission of Ghana (EC). The overarching objective, which is partly served by VIS' assignment, is to enhance the capacity of both the PURC and EC based on a skills gap analysis and needs assessment, focusing on regulatory strengthening at the commissioner and key staff levels. The project required extensive on-site information gathering and quantitative data collection prior to the analysis and subsequent assessment of existing capacities & skills and the way forward.

Αnalysis of Poseidon Pipeline economic impact (IGI Poseidon)

Provision of services to IGI Poseidon for the analysis of Poseidon Pipeline’s economic impact, highlighting the differences under different regulatory regimes and commercial arrangements. The results of the analysis will be used by IGI Poseidon in interactions with the regulatory authorities and other stakeholders.

Athens resilient city: climate mitigation (EQO-NIXUS/EIB)

VIS is the lead implementor of Athens Resilient City: Climate Mitigation project, part of the EIB advisory services (EIBAS) activities Framework agreement for EU-28. VIS as the lead subcontractor of EQO-NIXUS provides technical assistance to the Municipality of Athens to improve Energy Efficiency (EE) and climate resilience to public buildings, in line with the objectives of the Athens Municipality Integrated Territorial Investment Plan (ITI), the Resilience Strategy and the Urban Agenda for the EU.

Assessment of IFC distribution investments in Moldova, Georgia, and Uganda (IFC)

IFC study to support the organization in evaluating its investments in the electricity distribution sector and their potential microeconomic (utility level) and macroeconomic (nationwide GDP, employment, and GHG emissions) impact.
Moldova, Georgia, and Uganda

Provision of legal and economic assistance in the field of energy regulation to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators – Lot 2 (ACER)

VIS in consortium with GT Greece, GT Czech Republic and REF-E has been selected in Lot 2 of the ACER Framework Contract for the provision of technical assistance on economic matters in the areas of electricity and gas regulation.

Technical assistance to the administration for reserves of energy-generating products concerning the optimal management of mandatory oil stocks (EC/ Republic of Serbia)

VIS along with Ramboll and Asprofos has been awarded this EuropeAid project to support the Republic of Serbia to comply with EU Acquis in relation to the establishment and optimal management of an emergency stockholding system for reserves of oil and/ or oil derivatives (Directive 2009/119/EC).

Natural gas market design and transmission grid codes in South-Eastern Europe (NARUC/USAID)

VIS was commissioned by NARUC to provide capacity building to Regulators of Energy Community countries (Albania, BiH, FYRoM, Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova) in a 3-day workshop, regarding development of gas transmission grid codes in line with requirements of the 3rd Energy Package and the EU Gas Network Codes.
South-Eastern Europe

Cost-benefit analysis for Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System (INGS) (Gastrade)

VIS was commissioned by Gastrade to carry out a detailed Cost – Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the Alexandroupolis Floating Storage & Regasification Unit (FSRU), and provide support to the company in its application for financing under the EU - Greece Partnership Agreement 2014-2020 and on its application for obtaining State Aid clearance from EC DG Competition.

Preparation of Project Specific-Cost Benefit Analysis (PS-CBA) and application to Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) (IGI Poseidon)

VIS provided support to IGI Poseidon on two tasks: the preparation of a PS-CBA for the EastMed (Cyprus – Greece Interconnection) and the Poseidon (Greece – Italy Interconnection) gas pipeline projects, in line with the ENTSOG CBA methodology, for their inclusion in the 3rd Union-wide PCI list; preparation of application for grant for studies to the EC CEF funding mechanism, for the EastMed gas pipeline.

Regulatory guide to reviewing, approving and monitoring electricity distribution network development plans (NARUC/USAID)

VIS was commissioned by NARUC to provide technical assistance to the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) for the development of economic appraisal methodologies for electricity distribution projects, with particular application to appraisal and monitoring of 5 year electricity distribution network development Plans.

Technical assistance with the development of Georgia’s gas transmission grid code (NARUC/USAID)

VIS was commissioned by NARUC to provide technical assistance to the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) for the development of the Gas Transmission Code. The project includes drafting support and on-site assistance for developing the gas delivery/ withdrawal, quantity allocation and balancing chapters of the grid code.

Regulatory guide to reviewing, approving and monitoring electricity transmission network development plans (NARUC/USAID)

The National Association of US Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), commissioned VIS to provide technical assistance to Southeast Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM, Montenegro, and Serbia) regulatory agencies for reviewing, approving and monitoring electricity transmission network development plans.
South-Eastern Europe

Transactional support for the development of a 30MW wind farm (PPCR)

VIS participates in the advisory team supporting PPC Renewables (PPCR) throughout the full tendering cycle for the selection of a strategic investor that will develop a 30MW wind farm in Karditsa, Greece. VIS is supporting PPCR in the project's financial valuation, drafting of tendering documents and selection of preferred investor.

Gas transmission grid code harmonization & investment planning economic appraisal methodology (NARUC/USAID)

The National Association of US Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), commissioned VIS to provide technical assistance to regulatory agencies of Western Balkan (Albania, BiH, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia) and Black Sea (Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) countries. Support is provided for the formulation of economic appraisal methodologies of gas transmission infrastructure projects and for alignment of grid codes with the EC Third Energy Package.
Western Balkan and Black Sea countries

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) benchmarking study (Tetra Tech/Millenium Challenge Account)

VIS participated in this study commissioned by the Millennium Challenge Corporation concerning corporate governance practices in Malawi's vertically integrated electricity utility (ESCOM). VIS carried out corporate governance benchmarking analysis and provided recommendations and capacity building to ESCOM on how to improve its corporate governance practices.

Gas infrastructure investment screening framework (World Bank)

VIS participated in this World Bank assignment which supported Srbijagas, the integrated gas company of Serbia, to develop a new investment appraisal methodology and to formulate a revised investment plan for 2017-2021. The work included economic audit of Srbijagas' existing investment programme, and proposals for improvements in the investment planning, approval and monitoring systems of the company.

Outline and technical review of the natural gas transmission grid code in Georgia (NARUC/USAID)

The US National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) with funding from USAID, commissioned VIS to support the National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (GNERC) of the Republic of Georgia, to draft an outline gas transmission grid code based on EU Acquis and best practices.

Assessment of the impact of IFC investments in the development of oil and gas sector of Ghana (World Bank/IFC)

VIS participated in this study commissioned by World Bank/IFC which estimated the effects from an increase in the supply of gas to the electricity sector in Ghana, in terms of jobs and GDP growth, and carried out a complete value chain analysis of the Ghanean oil and gas sector.

Cost-benefit analysis for phase 1 of the Midcat gas pipeline project (STEP) consistent with ENTSOG methodology (DG-Energy)

VIS participated in the team that carried out a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the STEP project, involving a new interconnection point between Spain and France, on behalf of DG-Energy and the High Level Group for SW Europe on interconnections. The CBA was prepared in line with the ESW-CBA methodology developed by ENTSOG.
South-Western Europe

Development of MIS model for operational and financial monitoring of the alternative fuels business of an international cement company (Titan Cement Company)

A major international cement company commissioned VIS to develop an MIS model to support operational decisions on the use of alternative fuels (biomass, DSS, SRF, Tires etc.) in cement production in Egypt, based on operational and financial parameters.

Electricity utilities financial management and governance (PwC/World Bank)

VIS supported PwC Egypt, on governance, organisational improvement and institutional capacity building tasks, in this major World Bank funded project in Egypt, involving financial management and governance advisory services to the Egyptian Electricity Company EEHC and all its subsidiaries.

Evaluation of the impact of PCIs implementation (DG-Energy)

VIS experts led this key study commissioned by DG-Energy for the evaluation of the expected benefits of electricity and gas PCIs, included in the 2nd Union-wide list, on the energy supply chains of EU Member States and their contribution to meeting EC policy objectives of electricity interconnectivity and gas supply diversification.

Study for improving Ukrainian gas distribution system tariff framework (AF Mercados / Expert Council on the Gas Market in Ukraine)

VIS implemented a study, commissioned by gas sector stakeholders in Ukraine, involving a review and comparison of current and planned gas distribution tariff methodologies in Ukraine with those in EU, and a comparative analysis of the operational and financial efficiency of Ukrainian distribution companies with EU DSOs.

Study on economic costs of natural gas for Myanmar domestic market (e.Gen/World Bank)

VIS was responsible for the core activities of this key World Bank study in Myanmar, the first of its kind in the country, that estimated long run economic costs for the whole gas market supply chain, including indigenous production, LNG and transportation, up to all major domestic market customer offtake points.

Unbundling of gas distribution and supply businesses (EPA Attiki)

VIS participated in the advisory team supporting the largest gas distribution and retail supply company in Greece (EPA Attiki) in developing its strategy, unbundled operational processes and implementation action plans for the full unbundling of its gas supply and distribution businesses, in line with the requirements of the Greek regulatory framework and EU practices.

Financial screening of projects in the framework of the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) initiative (DG-Energy)

VIS is participating in this strategic project for DG-Energy, involving analysis of the financial and economic parameters of 9 priority gas infrastructure projects (transmission and LNG terminals) of the CESEC initiative, with the objective of facilitating the assessment of projects' bankability by IFIs, commercial banks and investors.
Central and South-Eastern Europe

Development of network operation code for gas distribution (DEPA, EPA Attiki, EPA Thessaloniki and EPA Thessaly)

VIS supported the development of a common gas distribution network code for the gas distribution companies in Greece (DEPA S.A., EPA Attiki S.A., EPA Thessaloniki S.A. and EPA Thessaly S.A.) in line with the requirements of the Greek gas legislation, Greek Energy Regulator and the 3rd EU Energy Package provisions.