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Fotis Thomaidis

Fotis Thomaidis

Fotis is a Chemical Engineer and holds a PhD in energy policy as applied particularly in the natural gas sector. He has over 17 years of work experience in the energy sector. Prior to VIS, he held positions of Senior Consultant in the Energy & Infrastructure Division of Kantor Management Consultants, and a Research Fellow at the Energy Policy and Development Centre of the University of Athens.

His core expertise encompasses natural gas market analysis, appraisals of gas investments, development of gas codes and regulations, strategy, business planning and restructuring for energy utilities, energy modelling and development of energy policy tools. Fotis has worked as manager and expert in more than 40 energy consulting projects, in Greece and the EU, Western Balkans and the FSU countries, for the EC, ACER, USAID, NARUC, private and public utilities and Ministries.

He has worked in the appraisal of major gas infrastructure projects in the EU Member States, implementing feasibility studies, financial and economic analysis of energy projects and cost-benefit analysis of gas projects in line with the ENTSOG CBA methodology. Fotis has also been involved in numerous gas studies analysing future gas market supply & demand trends, and assessing the prospects and barriers for developing LNG markets in EU and neighbouring countries. Fotis has also provided expertise in the analysis and development of gas regulatory frameworks, including inter alia EU-wide analysis of the tariffs of gas TSOs, support in the implementation of CAM NC and CMP NC, technical assistance to Energy Community regulators for implementation of the 3rd Energy Package, drafting of network codes and tariff methodologies for gas distribution and transmission. He has advised international energy utilities in the identification and assessment of business opportunities, formulation of market entry strategies, unbundling of supply and distribution activities.

Fotis has authored and co-authored a number of papers related to energy policy and energy decision making tools in peer reviewed journals and conferences.