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Impact Assessment on the Proposal for a Network Code on Demand Side Flexibility

VIS, as part of the Ramboll and Vito team, will participate for the implementation of a study for DG ENER, centered on assessing policy options for introducing rules on demand response, including aggregation, energy storage, and demand curtailment in accordance with the non-binding framework guidelines submitted by ACER in 2022 and to investigate the corresponding impact. Our study will take ACER’s framework guidelines as a starting point and assess the economic, social, and environmental impact framework-compatible rules could have.

Study providing analytical support for the financial instruments and programmes to facilitate investment in the energy sector: the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)

A study for DG ENER, centered on assessing the impact of the RRF on the energy and climate targets and the implementation of the National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) of EU MS, the impact of the RRF on the financing solutions used for EU MS national projects in the energy sector, and an overview of the relevant impacts on EU as a whole.

EC framework Contract Technical assistance activities in the field of energy (Lot 3)

VIS is part of Ramboll’s team for the EC Framework Contract (FWC) Technical assistance activities in the field of energy (Lot 3). The FWC will include assignments, involving inter alia technical assistance for improving EU internal energy market operation, for assessment of infrastructure projects of Common Interest, and for supporting the implementation of Energy Dialogues with Third Countries and external aspects of the EU internal energy market

EC Framework Contract Socio-economic assistance in the field of energy (Lot 2)

VIS is part of Ecorys’ team for the EC Framework Contract (FWC) Socio-economic assistance in the field of energy (Lot 2). The FWC will include studies, ranging from economic and cost-benefit analyses of energy networks and infrastructures, to policy impact assessments and market studies.

Technical expertise to assess the prospects of LNG markets in the Eastern Partnership countries (Stantec/EuropeAid)

VIS has been commissioned by Stantec to support a study in assessing and developing the potential of LNG in Eastern Parnership (EaP) countries. The objectives of this study are to: i) assess the current gas market structure and LNG prospects in each EaP country, ii) define the objectives and draft recommendations on the potential of LNG for each country and the EaP as a whole, iii) identify necessary actions for future regional cooperation between EaP countries, iv) promote EU’s principles concerning the functioning of gas markets and its approach to LNG.

Provision of legal and economic assistance in the field of energy regulation to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators – Lot 2 (ACER)

VIS in consortium with GT Greece, GT Czech Republic and REF-E has been selected in Lot 2 of the ACER Framework Contract for the provision of technical assistance on economic matters in the areas of electricity and gas regulation.

Framework service contract for legal, economic and technical assistance in the fields of energy, mobility and transport – Lot 3 (DG-Energy)

VIS is leading a consortium comprising 8 companies (VIS, NTUA, KOMIS, d'Appolonia, MWH, decon, CENER, LEI) that is participating in the EC Framework Contract that is providing technical assistance in the field of energy, across the EU-28 Member States.

Cost-benefit analysis for phase 1 of the Midcat gas pipeline project (STEP) consistent with ENTSOG methodology (DG-Energy)

VIS participated in the team that carried out a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the STEP project, involving a new interconnection point between Spain and France, on behalf of DG-Energy and the High Level Group for SW Europe on interconnections. The CBA was prepared in line with the ESW-CBA methodology developed by ENTSOG.

Evaluation of the impact of PCIs implementation (DG-Energy)

VIS experts led this key study commissioned by DG-Energy for the evaluation of the expected benefits of electricity and gas PCIs, included in the 2nd Union-wide list, on the energy supply chains of EU Member States and their contribution to meeting EC policy objectives of electricity interconnectivity and gas supply diversification.

Financial screening of projects in the framework of the Central and South-Eastern European Gas Connectivity (CESEC) initiative (DG-Energy)

VIS is participating in this strategic project for DG-Energy, involving analysis of the financial and economic parameters of 9 priority gas infrastructure projects (transmission and LNG terminals) of the CESEC initiative, with the objective of facilitating the assessment of projects' bankability by IFIs, commercial banks and investors.