Vis Consultants

A Cost – Benefit Analysis of a new District Heating project in Kozani, Northern Greece

VIS has been commissioned by the Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Kozani (DEYAK) to support with state aid clearance from DG Competition in relation to a new district heating project.

As a result of the decarbonization targets, several lignite power plants in the north of Greece will be decommissioned starting from 2025. These power plants provide heat energy via a district heating network to over 5600 buildings / 29500 apartments used for domestic heating as well as hot water production. Given the foreseen significant social and environmental cost attached to the discontinuity of service, DEYAK plans to invest in a new connection linked to a forthcoming power plant thus ensuring the continuation of the hot water and heating service to the population of the area. VIS is to support DEYAK by executing a financial analysis, a cost benefit analysis, and a detailed feasibility study, as well as by developing a state aid notification for DG Competition, all necessary items for securing the financing support of the project.